Suggestion for clan warring

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Suggestion for clan warring Empty Lol

Post  [Bergz]Osmium. on Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:35 pm

This reply is specifically for Adam, remember, He'll kick you.
Love you adam.


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Suggestion for clan warring Empty Disagree

Post  AdamLZJ on Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:18 pm

Nice Opinions stoney. On point with some of that.

6 vs 6's Are Fine. Don't have to split up.

DO NOT LEAVE MEMBERS OUT, if say only 6 people online and all want to play. 3v3's are lame.
If you suck then you can't play it. If you know how to play the game then a 6v6 should be easy.

At all times, no matter what. LT's and Leaders call the shots. Not members. Don't like that, then tough. Find another clan.

If you decide to play a clan war when knowingly you don't have enough time to play one and drop out.
I will kick you.

If you rage and quit a clan war. I will kick you.

If you don't listen to STRATS, you'll never play another clan war with me specifically, and if I hear you never listened to STRATS from another clan war. I'll kick you.

Pretty simple. This clan runs like a well oiled machine. We all get along.

Start Drama that you can't fix yourself. I'll fix it for you.
I'll kick you.

That is all.



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Suggestion for clan warring Empty Re: Suggestion for clan warring

Post  Googoobaby on Wed Nov 16, 2011 7:44 pm

Dammit Stoney, this took me 20 minutes to read. I hate you Razz


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Suggestion for clan warring Empty Suggestion for clan warring

Post  redstone on Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:44 am

Hey guys I noticed a little trend for the losing clan wars and I just wanted to make a couple suggestions:

1. If you think a clan hacks or has a skill level way above yours find a new group. There is no point to go into a clan war knowing you are going to lose.

2. If someone calls out the clan and says blah blah blah in a pub unless you know their bad try to shake it off because most of the time they like to get in the clan war and just wall the crap out of you.

3. If by some reason you get called out and you know the clan is legit and good try to grab good clan members to do it with you (not that any of you are bad but having no sniper playing snipers is rather difficult, so try to grab someone who makes the team fit.)

4. This rule is specifically my personal opinion but i know others feel the same way. Try not to do big clan wars, it get stressful and confusing, try to stay in the 3-5 range. If you end up having 6 to 2 3v3. This does not mean exclude anyone or QQ if you do not get exactly who you wanted to clan war with. We should all get use to each other so that it makes it easier when doing clan wars at a random time.

5. LISTEN TO STRATS! We are all good players in here and we all think we know the ropes but this is not a pub we all need to think alike. If someone calls B site rush in EE do not run to the tower I dont care how good a sniper you are. You can ask that is perfectly fine, but if you get caught or we get rushed its all of a sudden a 4v5. Also if your the person with the bomb you really have to listen because when we make it to b and your still at spawn, guess what? You mucked everything up and now we have to try to protect you to get to us and hold site.

6. AFK and General Leaving clan wars. Now do not get me wrong I understand sometimes ya just gotta go, there is real life things that go on that are much higher then this game and i understand. My point is if you think you have to go in the middle of a cw then do not do it, do not accept an invite, do not try to join, just go pub til you leave. It is so annoying to lose someone during a cw to something that could have been avoided. I would also like to make a point of DO NOT BS ME about why you left, ex// this player had been raging the whole time and there score was bad which does suck, then you see they left the game, Then a couple minutes later you here them hope down from a different vent channel not sign in and they say, "awww sorry man I d/ced well gotta go!" then left. Everyone in that room was mad. I never ever want to see that crap again. Now to the best part of this rule, unless I have known you for awhile and you are having some real issues in life and I do not mean the stupid kid bs about my girl friend of a month left me kinda stuff, I mean real issues IF YOU EVER RQ A CW I WILL KICK YOU FROM THE CLAN MYSELF! If you ever leave your team a man down in a clan war you are a piece of trash and should not be in this clan.

7. Found an Easy Br clan? Ask someone new to play with you from the clan, this is a good chance for you to get use to there playing style and even a chance for them to get use to team play rather then solo. This is a big time must for our new players coming in. No offense to a certain player, but the first time i offered him a spot in a cw against a crappy br team where everyone was neg kdr, he did awesome way better then me, but he needed to work on his teamwork because he was very use to playing as a solo player.

8. Scrub guns, Now stiggy can remove this if he likes this is my personal thoughts since the clan war points came out, Do not use scrub guns normally please! We do not want to look like a noob clan, but I have run into a couple of clans (mostly azn) that are low pingers using scrub lights and m12's. Now in the case that you start losing, hey if they have them why can't we? It is not like we are noobs or anything they are just using op weapons. But I most enforce that you only use them if your losing to people who have low pings and them. You should just expect it from the br's and you should be able to work around them. But stiggy will probably edit this post if he feels this is unfit I did not ask him before posting this.

9. Be on vent please! It takes so long or makes people crash if they are in game and then get on vent later. Besides I love when people are on vent it makes things much easier to plan and set up stuff. Also vent is funny as hell 90% of the time (ex// Drunk adam, high hazey or used, googoo, bergz[osmium] raging, m2k locked himself out of his room, bor0 calling people gay, and much more lol)

I think that about covers it, reply if you have any more suggestions!


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Suggestion for clan warring Empty Re: Suggestion for clan warring

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