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Post  yebaby2831 on Mon Nov 21, 2011 7:30 pm

supp..Im wil and im 17and im an asian... i can understand english but i cant speak it really well.. i just moved here in US 3 years ago and i live in maine...i drink... but i dont do drugs... P.S the little bubble sound on my background is not a bong -_-......i make computer games and im addicted to CF and DOTA....soo...yeah.... kill justin bieber


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Post  Jacob_RE4P3R on Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:57 am

[b]Yo, what sup people who actually read this hah. Im Jacob.... Real name is the same Jacob in case you haven't noticed also known as reaper to the old synical members. I'm currently 15 about to be 16. I hate this game with a passion and the only reason i play it is to meet new people and play with old friends. I might get back into the competitive side of crossfire because of the new league that just announced their presence in the CF community(ESG Link will be provided at the end of this post). I rage allot because of the stupid shyt that goes on and also because of the cheaters. I live in North Carolina, I don't really like it here because 80% of my family lives on the West Coast ( Washington State). I believe that academics should come before any thing in my life. Oh, and to the people who talk shyt to me i don't take it so don't try any of the bullshyt around me.

Ps: Stiggy is my personal Maid ROFFFFFLLLLLLL

Pss: Adam member those wall bangs thru downtown connector????

Psss: NEMMMMMOOOOOOOO your still a great sniper haha

Link Here:



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Post  Googoobaby on Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:01 pm

I'm a sexy beast. My name is John and I'm 15. I used to play Crossfire every waking moment(last summer) but now I kinda have a life so I'm not on as much. But anyway, um.... nuf said. Oh and I like a lot of people, but if you piss me off, I'm usually not a happy camper, so don't piss me off. K thanks.


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Post  [Bergz]Osmium. on Sun Nov 13, 2011 12:16 pm

Yeah, hey, I'm Jesse. I'm 15, I play CrossFire way to much due to the lack of life that I do not have. Haha. Not much else to say. Can't drink, don't do drugs. Boring life. Lolololololol <3


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INTRODUCTIONS Empty Hey Crash here

Post  Crash on Sat Nov 12, 2011 12:42 am

Sorry for all the in activity lol but I'm back now..........

My name is Dylan Martin from Nova Scotia, Canada. I mostly just demote my time to playing games (GunZ, Crossfire) But here I am to spend a lot more time on crossfire and Yeah I'm back Smile


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Post  redstone on Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:12 am

What's up guys! My name is redstone but everyone calls me stoney. I am a 21 year old Canadian. I am currently in in college and have very random times of play so if ya have not seen me yet that's probably why. I'm one of the original gangsta's of crossfire and by that i don't not mean I am a gangsta but I have been playing crossfire since it was in beta. The good old days when suba use to ruin this game rather then z8 ha ha I am fairly laughy but i do enjoy giving people shit so please don't take it in the wrong way. Also if you disrespect anyone inside this clan who does not deserve it i will speak up and that i dont care if you are from or not from our clan. There is also a difference between a joke and an asshole. But to end this in a postive note, stiggy your a towel.


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Post  AdamLZJ on Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:22 pm

I'm 28, have 3 kids, run my own business. Drink alot of booze and play on my laptop touchpad. That is all


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Post  Stiggs on Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:50 pm

Hey hey boys and girls Stiggy here

Ahhhh I guess I'll start off with saying that for those of you wondering, yes I do use the name Stiggy outside of crossfire, and for those of you lucky enough, you know what my real name is through either facebook or just knowing me. So to the rest of you, good luck with that Wink

I am 21, Canadian, I live in Toronto, and have been playing crossfire since the summer of 2009. I have recently acquired the Leadership role of kindred due to the unfortunate loss of a good friend. I'm usually pretty easy to get along with, but can have a temper if you do something stupid, or get on my nerves for something. I am very straight forward and will go to you if I personally have an issue with you or any of the clan members.

Don't be afraid to come to me with an issue, I like to try to deal with things as best and as quick as I can.

Anyway kiddies, if there is anything else you want know about me, don't be afraid to ask!

Stiggs - Leader of Kindred.

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