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Post  Stiggs on Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:36 pm

For ALL members

This is a list of general rules that we have set up for the clan to follow. A more detailed list for Lt's and higher ups will also be posted in a separate page.

- Absolutely No hacking (obviously)
- No glitching

-DO NOTdisrespect your fellow clan mates, Lt's or leader.
- Vent is only a must if scrimming with Lt's, Leader, Or if there is a general consensus of those that wish you use vent.
-Must get at least 5-10 points per day( I know school is starting with the younger ones in the clan, and it will be harder to get, if you have an issue with getting the points, speak with an Lt or Leader and we will work something out
-the use of "scrub" guns is prohibited in scrims and all tournaments unless otherwise instructed by an LT or Leader.

Such guns include:
Scarlight- normal and Red
Kriss- normal and halloween

- There will be no public raging during a clan war. if you feel the need to rage, please keep it to either; Vent, Team chat or clan chat.

I'm sure there will be more rules to come, so keep checking back to the site for updates.

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